Your Career Is Your Business

“Finding your passion isn’t the same as finding a job or making money. It’s all about discovering yourself.”


Employee Biz is an online platform that connects job seekers with employers. It enables job searchers to create and upload resumes, as well as companies to advertise job openings. Employee Biz will surely serve as a fantastic platform for showcasing your skills and knowledge in the business sector.


Employee Biz allows employees and employers to create profiles in order to connect, and it can be used to imitate real-world professional relationships. Employee Biz allows employers to submit their company profile and employment openings, while job seekers may upload their resumes. It enables you to create a resume, search for jobs, sign up for job alerts, submit your resume, and then apply for the opportunities. It may help you develop in your career and provide you with the financial stability you desire.

Application Instructions for Employee Biz



Login into our company website through the link https://users.webytechs.com/. And create username and password.


Then you log in to Employee Biz using the same username and password.


Look for jobs that match your skills and apply for them.

Get a job

Employee Biz has a list of all available positions. If the jobs are fit for your talents and experience, you may create a resume, search for opportunities, sign up for job notifications, upload your resume, and apply for the jobs you desire. If there are any additional roles available that match your skills, our recruitment staff will contact you after you complete your online application. We have several credit packages for job searchers in this section. Employee Biz must sell you those credits.

Job Categories

Finance and accounting


Website Development



Civils and Constructions

Internships and trainees

Mechanical Engineering

Create a job posting

Job posting allows you to list jobs online through the Employee Biz platform, where interested applicants may apply and we can review resumes and hire staff based on your needs. Employee Biz allows you to add your company’s profile and job openings.


Create a resume with the help of our expert recommendations, or upload an existing resume to get a start.


In Employee Biz, look for the job that most closely fits your qualifications.


Create a resume with the help of our expert recommendations, or upload an existing resume to get a start.

Why Post a Job on Employeebiz ?

Find Excellent Candidates Quickly

We match your position to a person’s talents, experience, and aspirations using Employeebiz data. This targeted advertising gets your job in front of the right people, making it easier for them to apply.

Review and Rank Applicants

With our simple filtering and management features, you can quickly review and rank applicants on both desktop and mobile devices. Those who are a good match should be rated and contacted to begin a dialogue.

Get Access to a Engaged Community

Every day, people use Employeebiz to find new job possibilities and advance their careers. We put your job in front of the most qualified candidates – as well as those who are open to new possibilities.

Stay Connected

Join our Team

Look for open employment that match your qualifications and interests. We are looking for team members who are passionate, curious and creative.

Keep up to Date

Stay ahead of the curve with career advice, insider viewpoints, and industry-leading insights from the individuals who work here.

Job Alert Emails

Customize your membership to receive job notifications, and insider tips that are relevant to you. Take a look at the fascinating and rewarding opportunities that await you.

Project Manager

Category: Computer/IT

Salary Range:  10000 – 35000 

Experience:  0-5 year


Team Leader

Category: Computer/IT

Salary Range:  10000 – 25000 

Experience:  0-5 year

Team Member

Category: Computer/IT

Salary Range:  70000- 15000 

Experience:  0-5 year