WebyTechs Network Outlets Head

Posted 3 months ago

Making Online Presence Affordable


Any offline store can get online at a very affordable price of Rs.500 per month (Price till date) in FindOnGo. An entrepreneur who wants to get his store online has to pay this minimal monthly charge to keep his store live.

The entrepreneur has to go to an outlet to renew and keep his store live.

A WebyTechs Outlet is a store which sells monthly or annual store renewals to offline stores to come online in FindOnGo. 

A WebyTechs Outlet also helps to get “Add credits” of our various apps like EkaLoveYa or Employeebiz or WebyStrings. These add credits will help the entrepreneur get services from the apps.

A WebyTechs Outlet should gather stores and help them get online and maintain their online stores.

WebyTechs network Outlet head should be in touch with the stores and will be first point of contact in any inconvenience occurred.


  • Outlet Heads do help the Entrepreneurs register their store online for Rs 500 (for findongo.com) and help the Entrepreneurs to set up their community groups and events or their training courses etc.
  • Needs to register new stores under ‘WebyTechs Network’ with a monthly charge of Rs. 500/- for each store which is for FindOnGo. 
  • Needs to maintain a relationship with the stores and can get them renewed regularly, monthly maintenance of stores,  etc registered under that outlet.
  • Must register as many no.of stores as possible with at least a minimum of 50 stores.
  • Guide through the process, on the usage of the apps and helping store owners (of FindOnGo) in uploading products.
  • The outlet head should help the stores with the queries they have and help them out if they are facing difficulties with the apps or the sites.

Skills Required:

  • Should be enthusiastically spending time in the Field Market as per the area if required.
  • Knowledge of management methods and techniques.
  • Strong client-facing and communication skills.

Note: The pay will depend on whether your target is reached or any minimum amount specified is reached. The specific condition for the pay will be discussed once you are selected.

Job Features

Age20 and above
SalaryRs. 3,57,000/- per annum/upto Rs. 30,000/- per month
QualificationNo minimum qualification required
Experience0 to 5 years
No.of Jobs10000
Duration2 years plus
Career LevelManager
Contract start dateImmediate

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