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Jobs By Categories :

If you open jobs by category the page will appear on your screen like given beside. 

In that you will see different kind of job categories,  there you can choose a job which is suitable for your profile.



                                                    Steps to apply for job


 In order to apply for a job in Employee Biz, You need to open job seeker which is in header page. In that you will see some pages like jobs by category, job search, newest jobs, and my resume.

 In that Select the required page which you are interested. 

Job Search : 

You can search jobs which are relevant for you by entering your preferences like salary ranges, which company you wanted to work with and working distance etc. It will make your search easier and quick.

After entering your details click on search job, it will show list of which are suits your preferences. 




Newest Jobs :

If you open newest jobs it will show recently posted jobs where you can search jobs.

If you find suitable job which matches your profile click on “Apply Now”. It will show Add Resume, here can upload your resume.


My Resumes : 

If you open My Resume it will show add resume option there you can upload your Resume. 

Here you can also create Your resume by add new resume.

After uploading your resume employers will Approach you through phone call or email if your profile matches there requirements.   

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