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In order to apply for a job in our employee biz you need to log in. After login in to page  you can upload your resume in our Employee Biz. 

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The employers will go through your resume which you have uploaded, if  they find your profile is suitable for the required post then the employer will approach through mail or a phone call. Then you can attend the interview.

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Employee Biz is having the facility of creating a resume. you can create your own resume through create resume option.  

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 In order to apply for a job in our website you need to upload your resume. then you will get the mail or a phone call if your resume is accepted.

About us

Employee Biz is having online employment for the people who are searching for the job. Apply for jobs online with Employee Biz as it is having a wide range of job opportunities not only in nizamabad but also all over india.

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 Newest Jobs

Instructor for Healing centers

Category: Health/Medicine

Salary Range: 10000 – 25000

Experience:3 Year

Instructor for Aroma Therapy

Category:  Health/Medicine

Salary Range:  10000 – 25000 

Experience:  0-5 year

Instructor for Shivaay Groceries

Category:  Marketing

Salary Range:  10000 – 25000

Experience: 0-5 year 

Affiliate for FindOnGo

Category:  E-Commerce Sites

Salary Range:  10000 – 25000

Experience:  0-5 year

Instructor for Choco Delamour

Category:  Health/Medicine

Salary Range:  10000 – 25000 

Experience:  0-5 year

Instructor for Arts Platform

Category:  Education

Salary Range:  10000 – 25000 

Experience:  0-5 year

Instructor for Carpenter Platform

Category:  Construction

Salary Range:  10000 – 25000 

Experience:  0-5 year

Instructor for Dancers platform

Category:  Web Site Development

Salary Range:  10000 – 25000 

Experience:  0-5 year

Instructor for Electricians Platform

Category:  Technicians

Salary Range:  10000 – 25000 

Experience:  0-5 year

Instructor for Nurseries and Plantings Platform

Category: Environmental/Safety

Salary Range:  10000 – 25000 

Experience:  0-5 year

 Resume Services

What We Can Do For You

Employee Biz is having resume services which makes your resume perfect and it makes you differentiate from others. we have different resume services which are used to get attention of employers. we have variety of resumes like Xpress resume+, Right resume, Career booster and Resume highlighter. For more information click on view more.    


xpress resume+

Better your chances of getting shortlisted


right resume

Professionally written resume + cover letter


career booster

Get the power of two in one and speed up your job search


resume highlighter

 Grabs The attention of employers

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Every day, people use Employeebiz to find new job possibilities and advance their careers. We put your job in front of the most qualified candidates – as well as those who are open to new possibilities.

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 Here are some career advices and tips which are given by our experts which may help you in your career. 

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